chris shimojima.
filmmaker giving real life a different beat.

"al b. and the concrete jungle"


"Al B. and the Concrete Jungle”
a feature film.
writer, director, editor: Chris Shimojima
producer: Paull Cho

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What is this?
It's an indie/comedy/drama/adventure. And a love letter to NYC and its diverse population.

What is it about?
A quirky photojournalist/digital-nomad who must find a way back to his free-spirited life on the road, after a former employer traps him in NYC. He ventures across the boroughs, meeting various New Yorkers who absurdly complicate the process, and in some cases, force him to re-examine his lifestyle altogether.

The video below is a mood reel. It is just reference. It does not show off any specific content or angles from the actual film.