chris shimojima.
filmmaker giving real life a different beat.

"al b. and the concrete jungle"


"Al B. and the Concrete Jungle”
a feature film.
writer, director, editor: Chris Shimojima
producer: Paull Cho

The video above is a mood reel. It is just reference. It does not show off any specific content or angles.

Now in post-production. Searching for completion funds. Contact Chris at

What is this?
It's an indie/comedy/drama/adventure. And a love letter to NYC and its diverse population.

What is it about?
A guy who'll never grow up and become like your average boring responsible adult. He's a photojournalist who lives on the road and spends his free time meeting random people, searching for whimsical adventures to get involved in. The world is his playground. 

It's not your typical action-adventure that Hollywood and Marvel have gotten us used to. It's about a guy who tries to capture the spirit of adventure in his life and the real world around him.

"Eventually Z" is a unique episode in Al's life. His goal isn't to complete an adventure. It's to get back to his nomadic lifestyle, after a former employer traps him in NYC. Al must venture across the boroughs, meeting various New Yorkers who absurdly complicate the process.

For more info, business plan, look book, synopsis, script, all that good stuff... contact