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It's been referenced over and over... La jetée and Twelve Monkeys and The Matrix and most recently Tilda Swinton's hair in I Am Love. It's my favorite Hitchcock film, at once completely mystical and completely not. Madeleine is not really possessed by the dead, but in a way she is. It's Hitchcock's most personal. It's about filmmaking, about acting, about control and changing oneself to please another. That kiss with the whirling camera and changing background can't be done today because no one would buy it. But here, with one of the greatest scores of all time, written by Bernard Herrmann and inspired by Wagner (I'm still waiting for a recent score that comes within a mile of its sense of tragic longing), it's somehow completely emotionally real. This is one of the most intoxicating movies.

And just the Herrmann music track, a bit louder in volume: