chris shimojima.
filmmaker giving real life a different beat.

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photo credit:    Florence Montmare

photo credit: Florence Montmare

The key to my style is I started as a classical pianist. As that type of interpretive musician, you're studying some complex pieces. And I think you learn to listen carefully, not just to music, but to the world around you. So I try not to wear headphones. I try to listen to my environment, and I try to pay attention to my thoughts, and hopefully those combine into more inspired thoughts.

This sense of observing and assimilating is how I approach my films. I want to find the music in people's lives. I don't want to just capture lifestyles. I want to transform them into bolder experiences and stories – a “creative vérité” approach. I get real performances from actors – and often non-actors – and I plan shots to give their inner and outer worlds a compelling, playful rhythm and meaning.

Chris Shimojima is based in that city with the famous yellow cabs. After graduating NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dramatic Writing, he joined the high-profile digital agency R/GA, where he worked as an editor on numerous campaigns you probably saw and thought were cool, while writing/directing his own narrative short films, which he hopes are just as cool. (They've even played at international film festivals.) He is an AICP award nominee for his Arena Water Instinct spot. He is the cinematographer and editor of the webseries “Downsized,” one of YouTube’s Top 10 Made-for-the-Web shows. He is preparing his debut feature film. He really likes to swim. He really hates holding umbrellas in the rain. He adores chocolate covered almonds. He says thank you for checking out his work.