chris shimojima.
filmmaker giving real life a different beat.



a feature film.
writer, director, editor: Chris Shimojima

The video above is a mood reel. It is just reference. It does not show off any specific content or angles we plan on shooting.

We are looking for partners to help make this movie a reality. If you want to become a credited producer, or if you want to chip in in any way, contact Chris at

What is this?
It's an indie/comedy/drama. With a splash of sci-fi.

What is it about?
A girl born into a world where fame is valued above everything else. She's a narcissist with delusions of grandeur. So what does she do? She becomes a vlogger and influencer. And thanks to a new social technology that lets people experience all her 5 senses whenever they want (think next-gen Facebook or Instagram live), she eventually becomes a worshipped messiah. But along the way she must sacrifice her freedom, her will, her relationships, and her humanity.

For more info, business plan, look book, synopsis, script, all that good stuff... contact